Easy Way To Learn French Quickly With Expert Advice (Learn French Quickly Expert Advice)

There is a trick to learn language that can short the journey to fluency from decades to months. (Learn French Quickly Expert Advice)

In fact, there is  not only one trick but a whole suite of tricks to help you learn a language. I’ll use French as an example, but this advice applies to all languages.

Tricks to Learn French Quickly Expert Advice!

1. Understand Language and it’s Learning Journey

Language learning has an appalling fact rate. Almost 9-14 % of students embark language courses in schools and they achieve a basic level of fluency after three years from the basics. 80+% fail to achieve fluency courses completely.

People almost always wrongly conclude two things from this:  Tale i) Learning language is hard.
Tale ii) Other people are naturally good at languages.

One of the biggest reasons cited for abandon that students don’t feel any sense of progression. If a  student with an A+ will visit France and find they can’t even have a basic conversation. People give up because they had the wrong expectations set. So let’s bust some tales!

    a) Learning a language is not hard. It’s just LONG and Fun.
    b) Everyone is good at languages.

You already learned one, remember?  But you don’t remember  how much time it took for you to learn. I think of learning a language a bit like climbing a mountain.

Learn French Quickly Expert Advice

Learn French Quickly Expert Advice

At the other statge, if you study really well, you can rack up ASAP! It’s possible (but not guaranteed) to achieve fluency in ten to twelve weeks at that rate. Most people don’t have the time to spare so, give that level of intensity. But understanding the journey helps you be realistic about what you can do so you won’t get demotivated.

2. Intensity to learn a language quickly.

Involving yourself as deeply as possible in the subject allows you to rack up the hours as quickly as possible. Memory fades unless it’s used.

3. Get prepared for the journey

If you are a complete beginner I find it’s really important to absorb the sounds of language before beginning serious study. I listen to hours of audio (audio books are great for this) without trying to understand the content, but still actively listening to the sounds of the language to embed them.

4. Practice looking stupid

Being self-conscious is your biggest enemy. You cannot speak a foreign language without feeling stupid at some stage. We have to get over that to twist our mouth into strange new shapes that make we feel like a caricature; we will speak and not be understood and we will listen and not understand.

A LOT. If you think about it, what’s the big deal? So you look stupid. Who cares?

If we instead give our self credit every time we feel stupid we can turn this around. Give our self a little mental gold star each time you feel stupid because those moments are learning moments. Feeling stupid is actually a sign of progress.

We hope our Learn French Quickly Expert Advice were little useful! Do give us your suggestions, those are very important to us. We look forward to see you in our other posts!

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