Month: February 2017


Les adjectifs Interrogatifs, démonstratifs, possessifs

Les adjectifs Interrogatifs, démonstratifs, possessifs. Les adjectifs Interrogatifs. Les adjectifs Interrogatifs is interrogative adjectives in english. When asking someone to make a choice between 2 or more persons then we need the interrogative adjective QUEL …
L'interrrogation (Interrogation In French)

L’interrrogation (Interrogation In French)

Interrogative is a grammatical form to ask a question. There are 2 kinds of question tags: yes or no and information questions. So yes or no questions can be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ (L’interrrogation …
Le Futur Proche Et Le Futur Simple

Le Futur Proche Et Le Futur Simple

Le Futur Proche (Le Futur Proche Et Le Futur Simple) This tense is used to express an action that is going to happen in the near future. The structure of Futur Proche is : Subject+ …